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International Training Consumption and sustainable economy (BF/BU)

05.09.2022 um bis 11.09.2022

Can economy work sustainable? Which role will communities play in the future? Is there a future for villages? What about alternative economy-concepts and how can you as educator, teacher or youth worker address these topics through your work? How can you inspire and empower young people to get involved?

During the 2nd international training we will address these and other questions.



  • get profound insights in sustainable economy,  consumption and the differences in urban and rural changes & how to address it through education for sustainable development
  • focus on resiliance in activism during the current war in Ukraine; social entrepreneurship & future of villages
  • learn based on the whole institution approach in a sustainable seminar houses in Riscova (MD)
  • practice innovative methods such as casual learning, simulation games and bar camps
  • broaden your professional network with contacts to multipliers from Poland, Moldova & Germany


For whom?

The trainings are designed for trainers, multipliers, teachers and youth workers from Moldova, Poland and Germany. Ukrainian multipliers currently staying in Germany, Moldova or Poland are welcome! You should be working with youth and have some experience in non-formal education. Especially persons working in rural areas are welcome. Also, you should be able to communicate in English, but don't need to speak it very well.


What do we offer?

  • 2 trainings around the topics education for sustainable development, climate justice and sustainable economy. We recommend to participate in both trainings for a profound learning experience. In exceptional cases, it is also possible just to choose one training. The first one took already place in May 2022
  • The 2nd training “Sustainable Economy & Future of Villages” takes please from 5.9., 3pm – 11.9., 2 pm at the sustainable training center in Riscova, close to Chisinau (Moldova)
  • Both trainings are designed and facilitated by professional and experienced trainers from the three countries
  • Up to 28 to trainers, multipliers, activists, teachers and youth workers from Moldova, Poland & Germany participate in the training. That offers diverse opportunities to learn from another and to network.
  • Participants from Germany can attend in frame of an educational leave possible (Bildungsurlaub/Bildungsfreistellung). Please indicate it in the registration.
  • the sustainable journey to Moldova will be part of the program



  • We ask for a contribution of 280€ (German participants),by self-assessment 0-180 € (Polish participants), 0-80 € (Moldovan participants) for both seminars. This includes travel costs, board & lodging in two sustainable seminar houses. These contributions are possible due to funding through the EU.
  • If the contribution is too high, mention it in the registration form or contact your country coordinator (see below). We will find a good solution. We want to give everyone the chance to participate.
  • Apart from that we are happy, if you also share your experiences during the seminar



We are civil society organizations form Moldova, Poland and Germany. ecovisio offers trainings in Moldova, promotes sustainable living and social entrepreneurships and runs a seminar house. Galician Foundation of Development and Education supports sustainable development in rural areas, organizes educational activities and activates local communities in the South East of Poland. Villa Fohrde is a certified sustainable educational house in Brandenburg and offers seminars, trainings and projects around civic education, culture and sustainability.  



Please register here till 15th of July 2022. There are still some participant places free for the second training in Riscova.



  • For participants from Moldova, please contact:
  • For participants from Poland, please contact:
  • For participants from Germany, please contact:


Download the flyer for the training here



Villa Fohrde e.V.

August-Bebel-Str. 42
14798 Havelsee OT Fohrde

Telefon (033834) 50282

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